Thursday, August 16, 2012

IPv6 Madness

I've been doing some playing with IPv6 lately, since the world is out of IPv4 addresses (wait, didn't that happen a long time ago???  Whatever...).  It's been really interesting to learn about the actual protocol and how it works compared to IPv4.  I've got a fully routed /64 IPv6 network at home, but just a couple systems at home using auto-configured IPv6 address.  I've thoroughly enjoyed it, especially because I've been putting off learning about it for so long (truth be told, I was a bit intimidated by it -- didn't need to be).

If you want to play with IPv6 and your ISP doesn't yet support native IPv6, you can easily set up a tunnel through (provided by Hurricane Electric Internet Services) for free.  They also have free DNS hosting (with full support for AAAA and reverse IPv6 records, of course) and they offer a free, online IPv6 certification (I got to the "Sage" level last week).

IPv6 Certification Badge for soccergeek

I found IPv6 Essentials from O'Reilly to be very helpful in understanding how it all comes together.  You can get it in a DRM-free ebook format from O'Reilly's site, which is pretty awesome.

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